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The April Fair in Seville is one of the most famous Spanish festivals, its scope is international and attracts tourists from all over the world. Every day the fairgrounds witness the passage of more than 500,000 people and the art that wastes this annual event with the southern magic of Spain. If this year you are going to visit this incredible fair, it is necessary that you know all the details it contains and, in this way, serve as a guide and tips to enjoy it to the fullest.

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The good weather is already around the corner and it is time to adapt our bedroom to the nights of milder temperatures and that will soon give way to the hot summer nights. In this post, we bring you ideas, inspiration and tricks to decorate your bedroom with more refreshing air.

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It is common to find mortgage loans signed a few years ago that is at the same time referenced to the IRPH, contain floor clauses and the obligation to pay all the formalization expenses. In this post, we detail the most abusive elements in a mortgage contract and where they are located.

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Reform can mean revaluing a home up to 20%; that is to say, a profitability superior to the one that can be obtained with others types of products, the works also can get to increase a 25% the yield of the rents, that according to the last data of the Bank of Spain already are over the 4 %. In this post, we will detail the reforms that are recommended.

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Banks and financial intermediaries must provide customers who wish to take out a mortgage with pre-contractual information and standardized warnings.

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