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The Alameda bridge or Puente de Calatrava is built over the Turia river bed.

Alameda Bridge01 - Alameda bridge in Valencia, Spain

As the bridge resembles a comb, it has been popularly nicknamed the "Peineta", the Spanish for decorative combs.

Alameda Bridge02 - Alameda bridge in Valencia, Spain

From the transit track it takes an inclined arc of 14 meters, which contributes to the stability of the bridge, which is 26 meters width and 131 meters in length.

Alameda Bridge03 - Alameda bridge in Valencia, Spain

Underneath the bridge you'll find the underground station. The steel canopies that mark the entrances to the underground station can be lowered by hydraulically driven rods, to rest flush with the pavers, thus sealing the station. The station is a centrally located stop for trains which connect different districts of Valencia.