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Atico de lujo en Mallorca moderno minimalista y de alto diseno - Luxury penthouse in Majorca: modern, minimalist, design-forward

A luxury penthouse in Majorca sounds wonderful, but when that penthouse is in a designer community, it’s unbeatable. We’re talking about a newly-built home with nearly 130 m2 of usable floor space in a unique, diverse residential complex designed by the renowned González & Jacobson Architecture Studio. It has extensive green areas and pools where you can enjoy life to the full.

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Villa con vistas al mar en Tenerife una casa de ensueno - Villa with sea views in Tenerife: your dream home

The house of your dreams is in Tenerife. Located in the unbeatable location of the coastal area of Pris, in Taraconte, this idyllic villa with sea views and an enormous garden measuring approximately 500 m2 is waiting for you.

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Villa de lujo en Alicante luminosa y muy espaciosa - Luxurious villa in Alicante: luminous and very spacious

We present to you one of the seven villas of Venecia Residence, an exceptional complex in Polop, close to Benidorm on Alicante’s Costa Blanca. Without a doubt, there is no better place to take advantage of the area’s marvellous, ever-sunny climate than in this luxury villa in Alicante.

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Moderno apartamento en Malaga primera linea de playa - Modern beachfront apartment in Málaga

A modern lifestyle alongside the Málaga beach is possible with this multiresidence development that will be completed in the third quarter of next year. The result will be spectacular newly built flats with a surface area of 135 built square metres and sea views. Living in one of them will require a bit of a wait, but will no doubt be worth the trouble. Want to know why?

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casas sostenibles que son y que tipos hay - Sustainable homes: what they are and what types there are

At a time of increasing awareness about protecting the environment, more and more people are seeking out more environmentally-friendly lifestyles that respect their surroundings. Along these lines, housing are becoming a key factor in two essential aspects: building materials and energy efficiency. But what do sustainable homes consist of and what are they like? Below, we’ll get to know some types of homes that are nowadays considered to be highly respectful of the environment.

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