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5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, Swimming-pool, 1st Row from the Sea, Luxury property, In Urban Area, Magnificent villa of 824m2 on a plot of 2. 175m2

This week we would like to continue with a house located in Northern Spain, specifically in Oia, Pontevedra, Galicia.
It features, apart from great views to the sea: ground floor 256 m2; hall 21m2; dining room 75m2; Kitchen 34m2; Guest bathroom 10m2; bedroom 23m2; bathroom 7m2; cellar 76m2; porch 7m2; first floor 268m2; lobby 17m2; dressing room 6m2; garage 55m2; porches 60m2; attic 150m2; area study and library.
Top quality import materials.

The price is: 2,499,000 €

More information on the following link:

6688976 1182545 foto24693588 - Majestic Detached Villa for Sale in Oia / Pontevedra, Galicia
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Creating a modern residence that offers gorgeous views and maintains the delicate balance of the surrounding natural setting is indeed a hard task. Architect Quico Jorreto has successfully managed to accomplish this by conjuring up and bringing to life this amazing house overlooking Miño River in Galicia, Spain. Surrounded by a beautiful green landscape, the home utilizes the available landscape to perfection as it offers those inside with unabated views of the river terrain while providing a comfortable retreat.

The innovative structure basically consists of three distinctively separate sections which combine seamlessly with one another. A carport that doubles up as an external patio area is the first to greet you, with a large glass enclosure that is right next to it providing for a relaxing lounge area. The glass box has been designed to provide unobstructed views of the flowing river as you also enjoy a 360 degree view of the world outside.

Miño river house in Galicia - Architecture: Creative Contemporary Home in Galicia, Spain

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