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Architecture: Creative Contemporary Home in Galicia, Spain

Creating a modern residence that offers gorgeous views and maintains the delicate balance of the surrounding natural setting is indeed a hard task. Architect Quico Jorreto has successfully managed to accomplish this by conjuring up and bringing to life this amazing house overlooking Miño River in Galicia, Spain. Surrounded by a beautiful green landscape, the home utilizes the available landscape to perfection as it offers those inside with unabated views of the river terrain while providing a comfortable retreat.

The innovative structure basically consists of three distinctively separate sections which combine seamlessly with one another. A carport that doubles up as an external patio area is the first to greet you, with a large glass enclosure that is right next to it providing for a relaxing lounge area. The glass box has been designed to provide unobstructed views of the flowing river as you also enjoy a 360 degree view of the world outside.

Miño river house in Galicia

Miño river house in Galicia2

Miño river house in Galicia4

Miño river house in Galicia3

Miño river house in Galicia5


Architecture: Creative Contemporary Home in Galicia, Spain
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