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2 1 1 1024x683 - Light, nature and design in a dream house in Huétor Vega (Granada)

The House of the week takes us today to a great dream house in Huétor Vega (Granada), located in an idyllic natural setting nestled between the valley of the Monachil river and the plain of Granada's depression, on the "border between snow and la vega ", as has been popularly coined.

The municipality of Huétor Vega keeps inside the streets and public spaces the typology of the mountain villages. In the tour of the town, you can see the typical houses with a white facade and roof tiles.

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65057482 2048613 foto 290588 1 - Connection with nature in Sarriá, Barcelona

If your dream is to live surrounded by nature, in the neighborhood of Sarriá in the Sarriá-San Gervasio district of the city of Barcelona we find this impressive villa located in the lower part of the Collserola Natural Park and 2 minutes from Ronda de Dalt, this extraordinary property offers the luxury of living in the city from a unique and relaxing place connected with nature. ...continue reading "Connection with nature in Sarriá, Barcelona"