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photo 1521568694655 a3befc99dfde e1530084257823 - Holiday Rental Taxation in Spain

Often many distressed people moan how the taxation on holiday letting is convoluted and scares them off. Fortunately, that is lawyers and economist step in, simplifying matters.

Non-resident landlords can now benefit from generous tax relief which used to put aside exclusively for Spanish resident taxpayers. these new laws have had an outsize impact in taxation, considerably reducing non-resident landlord's tax bills. ...continue reading "Holiday Rental Taxation in Spain"


Conditions for foreigners to buy a property in Spain e1525339462341 - Conditions for foreigners to buy a property in Spain

If you are a foreigner who is looking for an investment opportunity in Spain through the real estate market, you should know which are the documents and fees to pay necessary to make the purchase of a property. Whether will be for personal use or to rent, taking advantage of the profitability offered by the Spanish market, there are several essential documents to deliver.
...continue reading "Conditions for foreigners to buy a property in Spain"