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The Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastián, Spain, is a monument to Spanish culinary tradition. Within its wild walls, groups of students, researchers, private companies and government organizations work collectively on the progress of Spanish cuisine. The building around them is a truly inspiring place, its design reminiscent of stacked plates with a green roof above and modern facilities within.

This design by Vaumm Arkitektura features modern design elements and sustainable functionality, both intended to inspire its guests. The building is constructed into a sloped hill with the plate-like elements up front and a terraced inner garden in the rear. The roof raises out of the hill, lined with solar panels and a garden of fresh, aromatic herbs. The sections of the building’s exterior that face inward are laced in perforated metal panels which add a strong styling element to an already imaginative building.

Inside, a bright auditorium is used for meetings, seminars and presentations, while chefs practice and research in nearby kitchens. The building spans five floors, each wrapped with a “plate patio” that overlooks the San Sebastian environment in the distance. From its design philosophy to its functionality, this work of architecture by Vaumm Arkitektura is a success, one that will serve the practice of Spanish cuisine for many years to come.

Basque Culinary Center -  Basque Culinary Center by Vaumm Arkitektura in San Sebastian, Spain
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