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Telefonica Corporate University In Parc de Bell-llo by​ Batlle & Roig Architects

Arch Daily publishes an interesting article on Telefonica Corporate University in La roca del Vallès. A beautiful construction indeed:

"Parc de Bell-lloc is a 122-hectare property situated on a hill, in the municipality of La Roca del Vallès, and is reached via the Granollers-Sant Celoni road. Most of the property is a rich mosaic of the oak and pine woods and farmland that is characteristic of the surroundings and of the Vallès county in general. In the 1960s, Caixa de Barcelona, the then owner of the land, built a large school on the peak of the hill as part of its community project.

The 18,000 m2 building, designed by the architect Manuel Baldrich i Tubau (Barcelona, 1911-1966), who also designed the Llars Mundet complex and Sant Jordi Swimming Pool in Barcelona, is constructed in the late rationalist style with Nordic references, and also displays the work of well-known artists of the time such as Josep Maria Subirachs and Arlette Martí".

telefonica - Telefonica Corporate University in La Roca del Vallès


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