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Social Housing Tower Of 75 Units In Europa Square by Roldán + Berengué

03 150x300 - Tower Of 75 Units In Europa Square in BarcelonaLet us introduce you to the tower  E.I.O.5, a project of social housing promoted by INCASOL and it is located in a new central zone known as Plaça Europa (Europa Square).

The Europa Square, according to Albert Viaplana’s Project, is shaped as the last nude in Llobregat’s direction of the squares sequence that, approximately each kilometer, marking the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes.

The urban model of the Europa Square is a generous public space opened to each side of Gran Via in Barcelona which concentrates, with other buildings, 26 towers of tertiary and residential uses, publics and privates, between 15 and 20 floors. Tower 5 is located in the farthest crown from the Gran Via which runs half- undergrounded.

For all the buildings of this last ring, most of them public housing promoted by different clients, distribution laws in the master planning fix a maximum floor dimension of 24×24 m, as well as height in which should be located the first floor structure and the crowing point of the towers.

"The piece we had built was an object of public client’s competition in February 2005. In our proposal rescaling the tower according to its position as a piece in the limit with the consolidate fabric of Hospitalet trying to visualize with the building a movement between Europa Square and the blocks of 5 floors that form the surrounding".- says the architects Roldán + Berengué.

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