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Open your windows to inspiration

Decorate your windows with style. Most windows fall into one of these categories: portrait (taller than wide), landscape (wider than high) or square. 

windowsLight is the essence of every house. No matter how well you decorated your house if, when it comes to light, yours is a gloomy home.

When it comes to interior design ideas remember that in any home, a style that suits the people living there and their way of life is essential. Think first of your own style in order to decorate your home. Are you modern? Fancy dreamy colors as blue? Or vivid and powerful colors such as orange?

Take a look at space, Is it a small apartment? In any case, large windows will make the best out of your rooms. It will enhance your decoration and fill your living-room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with taste.

Most windows fall into one of these categories: portrait (taller than wide), landscape (wider than high) or square. There can, of course, be multiples of these and in some cases, two or more portrait windows that are side by side in a wall may become a landscape shape. Portrait windows are the most common shape and the most versatile in terms of how they can be dressed. They are often set high in the wall and can extend to the floor as with French windows. Portrait windows can take a pair of curtains in any style, most forms of blind or a single curtain, perhaps extended to the floor to accentuate the shape and held with a tieback on one side.

Landscape windows range from large picture windows and sliding doors to side-by-side loft windows and small casements. Pairs of curtains in most styles suit this category. However, keep your headings relatively simple to avoid making the window appear squat and top heavy. Where windows are very wide, curtaining can be difficult as there is so much fabric to 'store' at each side. Consider blinds for a simpler, less cluttered feel.

Square windows can be tiny cottage windows, often recessed, or much larger windows that are often found in more contemporary homes. For the former you need a treatment that does not need much space around the window, while for the latter you need one that lets in the maximum light during the day.

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