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Embedded right into the foothills of Sierra Morena in Villarrubia, Córdoba, ...continue reading "Casa Tierra: a Cave House in Córdoba by UMMO Estudio"


This modern and stylish home belongs to a group of eight identical houses designed by Jaime Prous Architects. These residences are located in La Pineda, a town in the coast of Tarragona province.
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These are the most captivating projects of the year according to architectural site Archdaily:

January: Gerês House, in Vieira do Minho (Portugal), by Carvalho Araújo

Photo: Hugo Carvalho Araújo
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This two-storey house in Barcelona, renovated by local studio Nook Architects, features joined living and sleeping areas separated by stairs and mesh partitions.

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Centre Pompidou Málaga by architects Javier Pérez de la Fuente and Juan Antonio Marín Malavé.

J. Marín Malavé y J. Pérez de la Fuente, arquitectos
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