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Puerta América Hotel, Madrid

"Nineteen of the world's best architects create the hotel of the future in Madrid" according to the hotel's own website. As president of the Silken Hotel Group (a business venture by the companies Escampa and the Hotel Group Urvasco S.A) explained: “the Hotel Puerta America is a dream come true. A project where acclaimed architects and designers have conveyed their dreams to us. It is a homage to the world of architecture, design and to the freedom”. Each of the hotel's 12 floors bears the imprint of a different design talent. Each floor measures 1300 m2 and the only constraint was that each had to contain 28 rooms and two junior suites. The external structure was developed by SGA Studio and is a fairly standard rectangular tower block. John Pawson did the common areas, while Jean Nouvel designed the cladding on the facade and the 12th floor with 12 luxurious suites (as an exception on the 28-room-rule).

Hotel11 - Puerta América Hotel, Madrid

hotel 4 - Puerta América Hotel, Madrid

hotel 3 - Puerta América Hotel, Madrid

hotel2 - Puerta América Hotel, Madrid

Hotel1 - Puerta América Hotel, Madrid





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