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interior sitio alojamiento comodo 1232 1822 - Tips to make our bedroom look like a hotel room

The two rooms are intended for rest, but our bedroom is always different from the decoration of a hotel room.

En suite bathroom, spaciousness, lounge, carpet, large curtains, panelled walls in wood or covered with fabric, raised beds, lighting, velvet sofas, dark colours... what do you sound all these characteristics of hotel rooms? In this post, we detail how to get your bedroom to become the room of a 4-star hotel.

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Despite being located in Granada, Spain, the hotel has remarkably British characteristics.

Portago2 - Portago Hotel by Ilmiodesign, in Granada City
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An icon of avant-garde architecture, the new W Barcelona Hotel rises high above the Mediterranean, in one of Spain’s most appealing cities: Barcelona (Cataluña).

The massive building was envisioned by modern architect Ricardo Bofill and decorated by Charles Farruggio. A unique display of color and comfort, the 473 guest rooms invite tourists worldwide to have a taste of opulent contemporary Spanish living.

103 - Architecture: W Barcelona Hotel
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"Nineteen of the world's best architects create the hotel of the future in Madrid" according to the hotel's own website. As president of the Silken Hotel Group (a business venture by the companies Escampa and the Hotel Group Urvasco S.A) explained: “the Hotel Puerta America is a dream come true. A project where acclaimed architects and designers have conveyed their dreams to us. It is a homage to the world of architecture, design and to the freedom”. Each of the hotel's 12 floors bears the imprint of a different design talent. Each floor measures 1300 m2 and the only constraint was that each had to contain 28 rooms and two junior suites. The external structure was developed by SGA Studio and is a fairly standard rectangular tower block. John Pawson did the common areas, while Jean Nouvel designed the cladding on the facade and the 12th floor with 12 luxurious suites (as an exception on the 28-room-rule).

Hotel11 - Puerta América Hotel, Madrid
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Hotel Viura is a contemporary accommodation unit located in Villabuena de Álava in the Rioja Alavesa, Spain. Its modern architecture strongly contrasts its village landscape and form an interesting duo with the neighboring 17th century church.

Contemporary Hotel Viura in Spain By Designhouses 1 300x197 - Remarkable Design on this Hotel in Villabuena de Álava, SpainEnvisioned and implemented by Spanish architects Designhouses, the hotel’s appearance is surprising to say the least.

According to the official project description, the building is “composed of whimsically superimposed cubes that seem to surge forcefully from the center of the earth” and “punctuated by French windows that flood the rooms with views of the relaxing scenery“.

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