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Families join waiting list to squat in empty apartments in Málaga

News that an organised group of squatters had moved into an empty block of flats in Malaga’s Calle Ventura Rodríguez has given hope to more families with few or no financial resources.

hipoteca - Families join waiting list to squat in empty apartments in MálagaCouples with young children, or with babies on the way, have turned up at the building in the hope that there would be room for them, but have been turned away. Under the organisation of PAH (Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca) formed to fight against evictions due to mortgage default, 17 family groups have been accommodated in the 14 apartments. Due to the unexpected demand the association has started a waiting list and plans to comb the city in search of new potential squats. These, explained PAH member Fali Doblas, must be uninhabited buildings that belong to banks, builders or public administrations.

In the case of Ventura Rodríguez, the building belongs to Bankinter since it was repossessed when the builders went bankrupt. On Wednesday bank sources confirmed that no action had been taken yet but that lawyers were studying the possible legal routes to take. The bank stressed, however, that it has halted all eviction procedures in mortgage default cases.

Legal experts point out that the proprietors have three options: two would mean legal action, either in civil or criminal proceedings, while a third would involve negotiation; the bank could agree to let the occupants stay in the building in exchange for rent.



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3 thoughts on “Families join waiting list to squat in empty apartments in Málaga

  1. Brian Lawrence

    The banks with the help of the government , should arrange some form of peppercorn rent to enable the people invoveld to regain thier normal way of life and dignity. And in some cases rent free depending on hardship. Plus this would take care of repairs that would be needed had the properties remained empty for any length of time. It would also add some reveue to the coffers of the banks ,espiecialy those that are bereft of funds. Which is all of the **** ****. Somebody has to come up with an idea of how to get all our countries back to some semblance of nomality and puting your own people on the street is deinitly Not the answer. and i would asume the the Spanish people and definitely the people I know will not take to kindly to being kicked out of thier houses to sell to the conquering hords from Russia and China. What is it that the EU and its constituent parts have against its own indiginous peoples. If they are offering to sell Spanish and therefor EU nationality to a billion Chinese . tHERE IS NO kNOWN CURE GOD HELP US ALL. THER IS NO KNOWN CURE FOR STUPIDITY.

  2. Arnold Lohne

    Finally two sensible articles about solving the problem of homeless Spanish families, thank you also Brian Lawrence. March 5, 2013.
    The Spanish housing and unemployment problems need more and more discussion and also more
    analyse with sensible suggestions for solutions. I personally endorse the squatter solution if it is carefully controlled by the responsible banks who controll the empty properties. Cooperation and
    coordination and follow--up each month is very important if this new type of venture is to succeed.
    Another important problem is how to stimulate the present Spanish farming and industrial economy,
    also how to start and stimulate new ventures, competitive export, better university education eg.,eg.
    Here in Sweden we have a shortage of apartments in our cities for new emigrants and students.
    We have several industries working fulltime, and we have several intelligent retired consultants who would be pleased to discuss the Spanish unemployment problems further. We need contacts.


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