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house 1423862 960 720 - Recommendations to avoid the squatted of your house in summer

Employment rates have been increasing in Spain since the crisis began in 2008, currently reaching 90,000 occupied homes. Of these, 50% are real estate that is for sale. These data concern, above all, owners of second homes or holiday homes, more likely to be occupied. Evicting a house entails not only an economic loss (it is estimated that the costs of recovering it can amount up to 2,500 euros) but also of time since in the worst of scenarios it can take up to a year to be able to re-enter it. In this post, we detail a series of tips to avoid this problem.

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The Andalusian government said it would petition Seville Mayor Miguel Ángel Vázquez, of the Popular Party (PP), to analyze the personal situation of the eight families who were handed keys to subsidized homes by IU officials, who are in charge of the regional public works and housing department.

flat for sale in Seville 300x168 - Seville Authorities to Inspect Eligibility of Rehoused SquattersThe Socialists, who hold a majority in the regional parliament, reacted in anger, and premier Susana Díaz temporarily took away IU’s power to award public housing. The party even suggested there might have been abuse of power on IU’s part, as it failed to respect official waiting lists for subsidized homes.

Because the 17 original recipient families had been squatting in a bank-owned property for two years before being evicted, and decided to camp out in front of City Hall in protest, the Socialists said they felt it sent a message that anyone in Andalusia can get a rent-controlled home if they “bang on the door.”

Now, Seville’s social services will have to confirm whether the eight families that were ultimately allowed to stay in their new homes meet requirements, such as being at high risk of social exclusion.
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News that an organised group of squatters had moved into an empty block of flats in Malaga’s Calle Ventura Rodríguez has given hope to more families with few or no financial resources.

hipoteca - Families join waiting list to squat in empty apartments in MálagaCouples with young children, or with babies on the way, have turned up at the building in the hope that there would be room for them, but have been turned away. Under the organisation of PAH (Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca) formed to fight against evictions due to mortgage default, 17 family groups have been accommodated in the 14 apartments. Due to the unexpected demand the association has started a waiting list and plans to comb the city in search of new potential squats. These, explained PAH member Fali Doblas, must be uninhabited buildings that belong to banks, builders or public administrations.

In the case of Ventura Rodríguez, the building belongs to Bankinter since it was repossessed when the builders went bankrupt. On Wednesday bank sources confirmed that no action had been taken yet but that lawyers were studying the possible legal routes to take. The bank stressed, however, that it has halted all eviction procedures in mortgage default cases.
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