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Spain’s property market attracting a growing number of Scandinavians

There has been a large rise in the number of Scandinavian people buying new property in southern Spain, particularly the Costa del Sol.

Costa del Sol 300x187 - Spain's property market attracting a growing number of ScandinaviansOne leading house builder has seen a 311% increase in Scandinavian purchasers and they now account of a fifth of all buyers.

One reason is that the Scandinavian countries have in weathered the financial storm better than most and more potential buyers are able to invest in property.

The firm believes that the trend seems set to continue into 2013 with January sales figures already up 300% on those for the same month in 2012 and the cumulative February sales up 500%.

The interest from Scandinavian markets continues to boom as buyers take advantage of favourable exchange rates and reduced Spanish house prices to purchase their dream second home abroad.

The Costa del Sol area has proven particularly popular, favoured by 46% purchasers in 2012. The area’s coastline, bustling cities, direct flights and scenery makes it very attractive along with property at very good prices.

But the Costa del Sol isn't the only area to capture Scandinavian buyers' interest. The scenery and laidback lifestyle of the Costa Blanca are attracting an increasing number of Scandinavian buyers.


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