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cliente firma documento comprar casa bienes raices 31965 1089 1 - Signal or reservation for a home, is it the same?

Signal and reservation are very colloquial terms rooted in the purchase of a home. But what exactly does the so-called reservation, signal or deposit contract require us to do? The words payment, signal, deposit or reservation only show the advance of a sum of money from the buyer to the seller.

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realtor cliente firman documentos 23 2147764170 1 - How is the certificate of occupancy processed?

When renting, you have to take many things into account: terms, contracts, obligations, rights ... But also the requirements and procedures. Among the conditions that may require us to rent a property, according to the Autonomous Community, is having the certificate of occupancy in force but what exactly? How is it obtained? We tell you!

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photo 1536659622540 0b4c2331489c 1 - My tenant is loud and conflicting. What can I do?

Renting a property is always a challenge, both for tenants and owners. So important is to find a good landlord as with a good rented. It may be that the tenant is loud and conflicting. In this post, we give you the keys to this problem and how to solve it.

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manos adultos ninos casa blanca hogar familiar concepto refugio personas hogar 49149 625 1 - Aspects that define the perfect house

There are certain aspects that are indicative of a perfect home. Are you thinking of buying a home? You may need more space, that you are looking for a change of air or that you have finally decided to take the step and become independent. Whatever the reasons you have, you should surely look at these aspects, when looking for the perfect house.

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construccion casas madera energia isometrica eficiente calculadora monedas 73174 132 - Energy certificate of home What is it?

The energy certificate of a home is an official and mandatory document that includes the energy rating of a home or building. This energy rating is calculated based on the degree of energy efficiency of the property after an evaluation of the annual energy consumption necessary to meet the energy demand of the building or house under normal conditions of occupation and operation. In this post, we detail everything you need to know about the certificate

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