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Eco Boulevard, Ecosistema Urbano Architectos, Madrid

This is a series of sustainable public spaces, a meeting point for those who live in the area of Vallecas, a suburb of Madrid. It is on a 500 x 50 m road, a pilot experience for the climatic adaptation of outdoor spaces, awarded in 2004 at the Eco-Boulevard competition organized by the Residential Innovation management office within the Municipal Housing Corporation of Madrid and funded by the European Union (LIFE programme). The tree of air is a light structure that is self-sufficient and can be dismantled. It consumes only what it can produce through photovoltaic solar energy collection systems. Selling this energy to the power network generates a superavit on the annual balance sheet and this is reinvested in the maintenance of the structure. “Three Pavilions, or air-trees, work as supports, open to multiple activities chosen by the users. Installed in the non-city as temporary prostheses, they will be used only until the inactivity and climatic adaptation problem is corrected.”

Eco Boulevard1 - Eco Boulevard, Ecosistema Urbano Architectos, Madrid

Eco Boulebard3 - Eco Boulevard, Ecosistema Urbano Architectos, Madrid


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