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The Non Program Pavilion, Salobreña, Granada

This pavilion, located in Salobreña (Granada), does not have a specific use but it is carefully designed to fit into its surrounding landscape in a specific way.

Jesús Torres of García architects, who is Spanish, but who is currently living in Paris, was inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s approach to building in harmony with nature.

On one side the building is clad with timber slats, whilst on the other it is apparently clad in landscape and sky. Of course this is just the reflection of its surroundings in the mirrored glass, but it was the intention to produce this illusion. It works in part at least, because of the minimal detailing to the glazing.

Inside the pavilion is open and flexible providing the perfect environment for exhibitions and other small scale events.

The building is very powerful in its own modest way.

The Non Program Pavilion

The Non Program Pavilion1

The Non Program Pavilion2

The Non Program Pavilion3

The Non Program Pavilion5


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