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Architecture in Spain: Modern House in Girona

If you are planning to build a spacious house on a narrow piece of land, you can get inspired by the Step House creation at the Spanish  city of Girona. This brilliant architecture emerges from the thoughts of Catalonian Spanish architects who are part of 05 AM Arquitectura.

The house is chic with unconventional styling employed so as to augment the lighting and spaces of the rooms. The home has been made to align with the north or the south elements and brings in abundant natural light. The house has two main entrances at the first floor, ground entrance and the lower, ground garden level that also makes for car porch. A comfortable living room, compact kitchen and terrace are allocated in the main floor. Between the house basement and the main level, a unique space is crammed in as a transitional level that can be best used for leisure and study spaces.

House in Girona

House in Girona6

House in Girona5

House in Girona7

House in Girona4

House in Girona3

House in Girona2

House in Girona8


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