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Reflective Aluminum House in Madrid by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Spanish design office fran silvestre arquitectos have crafted a house in madrid which simultaneously contrasts and blends with its immediate environment. the moderate proportions and planar nature of ‘aluminum house’ allows the design to unobtrusively occupy the site, which is surrounded by tall trees. clad in highly reflective aluminum, the façade merges with its backdrop, becoming part of the natural landscape.

The ground floor of the project emerges organically from the stone slab, while the upper level is oriented north/south, providing private shaded terraces unseen by neighboring properties. internally, an efficient use of space ensures a compact and accessible program. rooms are connected with a staircase and central atrium which rises through the core of the building, allowing views from the house to open towards the garden at the rear.

Aluminum House in Madrid

Aluminum House in Madrid2

Aluminum House in Madrid3

Aluminum House in Madrid4

Aluminum House in Madrid5



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