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Contemporary Residential Design: Captivating Loft in Barcelona

This fascinating home in Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain), takes a completely different approach toward contemporary design. Crafted with innovative charm by Estudio Egue y Seta, the interior of this loft welcomes ample ventilation along with plenty of natural goodness.

Draped in warm materials such as iroko and oak wood, the home offers the perfect backdrop for plenty of shrubs ad potted plants. The extensive use of glass to create a seamless interior where one room flows into the next also ensures a wonderful visual continuity of space and light. The entire loft assumes a chic industrial style with exposed brick walls, metallic pipes and stylish pendants in copper hues making their presence felt. Yet, the ambiance is kept pleasant and serene while comfy couches and throw pillows add softness to the revamped house.

Loft in Terrassa1

Loft in Terrassa2

Loft in Terrassa3

Loft in Terrassa4

Loft in Terrassa11

Loft in Terrassa10

Loft in Terrassa6

Loft in Terrassa7

Loft in Terrassa8

Loft in Terrassa9

Loft in Terrassa5

Loft in Terrassa12

Loft in Terrassa13

Loft in Terrassa14

Loft in Terrassa15

Loft in Terrassa17

Loft in Terrassa18

Loft in Terrassa16

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1 thought on “Contemporary Residential Design: Captivating Loft in Barcelona

  1. Bouayed Fawzia

    Je voudrais visiter quelques villas avec 3 chambres et salle de bains , piscine , vue sur mer et en bord de mer à Barcelone ce weekend je serais a Barcelone le samedi et le dimanche .


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