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The New Encantes Barcelona by b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

The old Encantes Barcelona or Fira Bellcaire is one of the oldest markets in Europe. Certain references date its origin in the fourteenth century, being a witness over commercial dynamism of our city.

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Popularly known as the Old Encantes, is more than just an antique market and peddling, orienting its centennial activity and apparent tentativeness to current demand, making available to the consumer an offer alternative to current models of distribution and trade.

Different professionals and traders -about 500 occupying an area of ​​15,000 m2- make it possible that this is a market in which to dispose of all those products and goods can no longer bid on other commercial channels. However, there are a wide range of new and current products, at the best price.

About the Design:

The proposal raises a platform (or commercial square) at various levels as a continuous surface suitable for all commercial activities. By bending the platform, the different levels of the street are reconciled, understanding the market as a large square deck, capable of instilling activity in all parts of the program.

The casing, the principal component of urban recognition, protects commercial activities at the same time that becomes a mechanism reflection of the city into the market. Each modular structure will have different inclinations to reflect light, atmosphere and landscape.

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Pictures of David Cardelús, Rafael Vargas and Simon Garcia.

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