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Auditorium Espai Ridaura in Girona, Catalonia

A multi-purpose auditorium has taken form from the banks of the Ridaura River in Santa Cristina d’Aro (Girona), Spain. The town centre for concerts and conferences meets the cultural needs of locals and tourists while retaining the land’s natural features.

espai ridaura

Capella Garcia Arquitectura created the multipurpose building from two wedge-shaped blocks, forming one large and one small room for trade shows, conferences and performances. The exterior walls are made from the land on which the building stands – a mix of concrete and gravel that resulted in a cloud-like pattern. The jutting roof forms a canopy over the entrance doors and illuminates the area at night.

The rooftop houses vegetation transplanted straight from the building’s base. From a bird’s eye view, the building seemingly disappears.

The main hall seats 345 people, or accommodates 1,286 standing, thanks to retractable seating. The stage can be dismantled and rearranged to suit the event or performance. The smaller room is for services rather than performances.

The main stage is backed by a window showcasing the wooded banks of the Ridaura River, giving the illusion of a show taking place outdoors.

espai ridaura2

espai ridaura3

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