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Single Family Dwelling in Castellon, by Jaime Sanahuja Asociados

From the architect. Light, volumes, spaces and views. Single-family dwelling with swimming pool, next to a golf course. The orientation and the integration of the pine grove are the starting points. A series of volumes of different materials are created to delimit outer spaces. These volumes structure the house in such a way that the house and its environment constitute a continuum, with a high level of comfort and habitability. Concrete is the main material, and it is articulated with white sections, or with wood finishes. The house closes in inwardly, away from the street, and opens up on the garden side, with views of the tree grove in the golf course, and facing the sea.

Location: Grao, Castellón, Spain.

castellon house

castellon house2

castellon house3

castellon house4

castellon house6

castellon house7

castellon house8

castellon house9

castellon house10


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