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Dream Home in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

This stunning five bedroom, five bath, Port d'Andratx villa, takes full advantage of its enviable location, on the island of Mallorca, by making sweeping views of the port visible in nearly every room. Combined with plenty of comfortable, modern furnishings both indoors and out make this an ideal space to make a home or simply spend a summer.

villa in Mallorca

The outdoor pool is certainly a focal point with a stunning waterfall pouring into its crystal blue waters while plenty of deck chairs and chaise lounges for sunbathing adorn every corner of the outdoor area.

The master bedroom has a spacious seating area for maximum privacy while enjoying the sweeping ocean views.

A quiet, sunny reading nook is the perfect retreat when the chill starts to blow in across the water.

And those meals are ideally served in the outdoor dining area as the sun sets.

Each bedroom has an en suite bath with sleek, modern fixtures and plenty of sun. What could be more glamorous than washing your face while watching boats sail in and out of Port d’Antratx.

The gourmet kitchen has plenty counter space for preparing anything from the simplest of snacks to multiple courses of tapas and wine.

In conclusion, this house is a dream come true for those who can afford to live in there.

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3 thoughts on “Dream Home in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

  1. Michael Tierney

    Hello there today?hope all is going well with you today?
    I'm looking for a discounted house near the US Navy Base in the southern section of the country
    Could you let me know where I could get a mortgage/ If you could let me know the best place I can borrow from to finance my house bid.
    I don' mind if I'm one hour away from the Navy Base,would like to live close to where the Americans/
    British live now?
    Please try to get me a three bedroom/ one bedroom in a beautiful place
    Thank You for your help

  2. olga lavieri

    Me gustaria más información acerca de esta casa en Mallorca. ¿Cual es su precio?
    ¿Qué superficie tiene? Acceso al mar?
    Gracias, Olga Lavieri de Brumat


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