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navy style

Starfish, tableware and textiles with aquatic motifs, paintings and fishing lamps ... Let yourself be inspired by the sea and give your house a beach look this summer. In this post, we explain the keys to the navy style and how to take it home.

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patron paleta variacion seleccion tarjetas sampler 1423 137 - Interior decorator: Everything you need to know How do they work? How much cost?

If you are doing renovations in your home, have bought a new house or simply want to redecorate your home, have you thought about hiring a decorator? Not many people think about it and the main reason is that they do not know how much interior decorator costs. In this post, we will describe the work of a decorator, how you will know, how you will perform your work and finally, know what are their rates to have their services.

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photo 1505691938895 1758d7feb511 1024x683 - Tips for choosing the perfect sofa for our house

Of all the furniture that gives more headaches at the time of choosing is the sofa, is a fundamental piece that we use every day and all members of the family, so you have to take into account several tips to choose the perfect sofa that suits our needs.

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1dad008f068dde79ee55e9e5be6f332b - Terrazzo is once again a trend

The terrazzo has returned to our life in the world of decoration. And we say that he has come back because, like almost all fashions, he was once the last and stopped wearing. Surely you remember some house of the seventies with this material on the floor. Of course, the terrazzo of today has been reinvented and now it seems another.

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bouquet 1854074 960 720 - Looks for a spring table

If with spring have flourished in your social agenda meals and celebrations with friends, go prepare because sooner or later you will play host. If receiving this at home gives you a bit of vertigo do not worry, we'll give you a hand so that the staging is refreshingly spring-like. Fresh, with flowers, with lots of colour and a thousand details of those who like so much that they receive hundreds of likes on Instagram. With these ideas, your table will be the most complimented and triumph!

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