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All I Own House: Multifunctional Space in Madrid Apartment

Moveable library-style shelving units slide from side to side to reveal and hide compartments that serve various functions in this Spanish apartment by Madrid-based PKMN Architectures.

All I Own

PKMN Architectures modified the interior of a single-storey flat to create a home and work space for local designer Yolanda Pila, in a project called All I Own House. The small apartment is situated in a housing estate in the north of Madrid and formerly belonged to the client's grandmother.

To maximise the functionality of the restricted space, the kitchen, bedroom and storage are housed within a series of moveable units made from heavily textured oriented strand board (OSB) – a material made from layers of compressed wood flakes.

Positioned next to the bathroom in the corner of the apartment when fully closed, the storage units contain a fold-out bed, work surfaces and shelves.

Mounted on casters and ceiling tracks, the wooden storage blocks can be moved along one side of the apartment with a floor made of patterned tiles. The three components are separated or grouped to serve a variety of functions.

All I Own 2

All I Own 3

All I Own 4

All I Own 11

All I Own 5

All I Own 6

All I Own 8

All I Own 9

All I Own 10



Photography: Javier de Paz García

All I Own House: Multifunctional Space in Madrid Apartment
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