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House Ca’s Bouer by Jordi Queralt and La Boqueria

House in Blanes, Girona (Spain)

From the architect. The time and the use is the main demand of the project: the building has to absorb a great variety of functions. The first floor, level in which you can access through the public staircase, it is conceive to develop many activities, from a leisure space to a second housing or an office space.

house c'as bouer1

In the ground floor you can find the main access and the garage, with a little working and storage space. In the upper levels we set the rest of the housing. Looking for intimacy the bedrooms and more private rooms are located in the second floor; the common spaces and day spaces are in the third and fourth floor looking for daylight and relating them with the outside.

The nature of the interiors wants to evoke the comfort of the local architecture looking for the warmth of the ceramic ceilings and floors (horizontal planes) contrasting with the white walls. In the exterior, the Corten steel allows us to create filters and external wall coverings, controlling privacy and access to the interior.

house c'as bouer2

house c'as bouer3

house c'as bouer4

house c'as bouer5


Architects: Jordi Queralt, La Boqueria
Photos: Eugeni Pons, Núria Ginès

House Ca’s Bouer by Jordi Queralt and La Boqueria
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