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New law to prevent illegal holiday rentals

The minister of Tourism and Commerce, Rafael Rodríguez, announced last week the ‘III Plan de Calidad’, a project to regulate the use of properties rented to tourists, and which is expected to be approved in January.

holida rental in Andalucia  300x225 - New law to prevent illegal holiday rentalsThe aim of this new decree is to curb the amount of illegal rental properties in Andalucía and expose the black economy generated by illegal rental properties.

“The decree is important as much of the tourist industry is operating underground, illegally. This will bring it to the surface and prevent unfair competition and damage to legally operating companies,” explained Rodríguez.

The legislation will include several requirements that owners who ,rent property to tourists by the night or by the week, will need to meet. The key requirement will be that owners of these types of properties will need to be registered on the Registro de Turismo de Andalucía.

The government has two main objectives, firstly ending unfair competition for the hotels and legitimate holiday rental businesses, and secondly safeguarding safety and security for tourists in this type of accommodation.



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