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Apartment Refurbishment in Barcelona by Nook Architects

Spanish architects Nook have renovated a small apartment in Barcelona's gothic quarter, leaving decorative floor tiles in place to reveal the original layout of the flat.

1 - ROC3 apartment

"We have retained all original floors as much as possible, and they have been left exactly in the original place, so you can read the old distribution of the apartment," the architects said.

2 - ROC3 apartment

10- ROC3 apartment

Nook removed some of the original internal partitions to optimise space, creating a combined living room and kitchen on the street side of the apartment, and a bedroom and bathroom on the courtyard side.

3- ROC3 apartment

4- ROC3 apartment

5- ROC3 apartment

The bathroom of the one-bedroom apartment has a second door into the entrance hall, meaning that guests sleeping over in the lounge can access it without disturbing the owner.

6- ROC3 apartment

7- ROC3 apartment

8- ROC3 apartment

9- ROC3 apartment

11- ROC3 apartment


Photos: Nieve

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