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House 1014 by H Architectes, in Granollers, Barcelona

A red brick wall spans the gap between two crumbling facades on a street in the centre of Granollers (Barcelona), hiding a home - House 1014, by H Arquitectes - with two courtyards and a central garden.

1 House 1014

2 House 1014

The property is set in the centre of a gully just 6.5 metres wide running the width of a block between existing properties.

3 House 1014

Two brick patios bracket the family home, offering a sheltered transition area from street accesses on either side of the block, while a further garden splits the space into two distinct halves – one for more private domestic activities, and another for entertainment.

4 House 1014

5 House 1014

Retractable glass and metal roofs cover the patios, capturing heat in winter and providing shade in summer.

7 House 1014

8 House 1014

9 House 1014

10 House 1014

11 House 1014

An original stone facade with ornamental window frames and an arched doorway was preserved by the architects to create a pedestrian entrance from a street on the other side of the block.

6 House 1014


Photos by Adrià Goula

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