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Prefabricated House in Castellón de la Plana by Noem

Eco High-tech home in Castellón de la Plana, Spain, by NOEM

1. Prefabricated house

Description by NOEM. By the The owners of this Smart refuge are a couple who have begun to prioritize shared time with family and friends and to enjoy nature. For years they dreamed of building a small refuge in the ​​Serra Espadà and finally they went ahead. They used prefabricated wooden modules for a clean, quick external construction in order to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The final construction is a passive house to share leisure time, to enjoy the scenery and a modern house which is easily and automatically controlled from a mobile device. Its S-SE orientation maximizes thermal comfort in winter and the abundance of sunscreens also ensures summer enjoyment.The architectural design stands out for its simplicity and for a metal frame which marks out the covered areas and provides the appropriate level of design. It is an area defined to cater for all the customs and habits of the occupants, with maximum accessibility and with openings which permit a privileged view. 
Annexed facilities (swimming pool, barbecue, toilet and stock) complement the main building and present an array of options for fun,relaxation and enjoyment.

2. Prefabricated House
This passive house has been designed combining two prefabricated wooden modules and a terrace which uses a metal structure designed to project the house towards the landscape.

3. Prefabricated House

One of the modules is for all the ​​facilities and brings together all usable equipment, the bathroom and the kitchen. In the second module the design is optimized to provide a clear floor that leads onto the terrace and is adaptable to any purpose.

4. Prefabricated House

The use of local wood and insulation minimizes the CO2 footprint of the house, and the attention paid to materials selected and to the emissions from paint and other items allows it to be classified as a healthy home. Passive cooling strategies, the LED lights and dual flow ventilation system minimise the energy expenditure of the construction and ensure thermal comfort.

5. Prefabricated House

6. Prefabricated House

7. Prefabricated House

Home automation installations and the use of light spots with Radio technology dramatically reduces cabling requirements and allows control and real time information on the use of the home from the owner’s mobile device.

9. Prefabricated House

10. Prefabricated House

12. Prefabricated House

13. Prefabricated House

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5 thoughts on “Prefabricated House in Castellón de la Plana by Noem

  1. Kemo Ireland

    Extremely Elegant Caravan ,that is all ? Dose not have the ambiance of Home or Home should like
    It will not be my test ,but it might be of interest to the YPY or YPI


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