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House in Selva, Mallorca, by Architect Luis Velasco Roldán

This Spanish home is a sophisticated attic space, designed by architect Luis Velasco Roldán, looking out over a rich expanse of village greenery, which is continued into the dwelling in the form of small inner courtyards, patio and greenhouse, to promote connection between interior and exterior spaces. The dwelling, based in Selva (Mallorca) has a minimalist décor that is brought to life with the abundance of plants and shrubs that give an injection of color and softens the hard edges of the modern construction.

1. Casa Selva

The garden areas are adaptable to the climate throughout the year, with a greenhouse roof that retracts to transform the place into a sun drenched terrace, which gives a cozy sitting spot even in earliest springtime as it remains shielded from chilly winds by the perimeter.

2. Casa Selva

3. Casa Selva

4. Casa Selva

6. Casa Selva

The 4 meter long cover can also be moved northeastward toward a porch, to give shade to the terrace during mid-summer.

In the southwest of the house, a courtyard allows a flood of sunlight in the kitchen, study and bathroom areas; this design also provides a natural, environmentally friendly heat source, as the solar greenhouse air in turn warms the home.

5. Casa Selva

7. Casa Selva

8. Casa Selva

9. Casa Selva

10. Casa Selva

11. Casa Selva

12. Casa Selva

13. Casa Selva

14. Casa Selva

15. Casa Selva

Photos: Jaime Sicilia

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