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House La Moraleja by Architect Otto Medem, in Madrid

This white residence - La Moraleja - by Otto Medem Arquitectura is located in Alcobendas, Madrid. The building concept revolved around its particular site, where the ground is home to many century-old oak trees and, like the foliage, which encircle the house, the internal space revolves around a central, open air courtyard, where a single oak tree stands against the contemporary structure.

1. Casa Patio

The house is composed of rectangular volumes set at different heights, intrinsically connected to its peaceful surroundings. All the rooms contain high ceilings and communal spaces offering views of both the inner courtyard and the outside garden on either side.

3. Casa Patio

Coupled with large glazed windows and sliding glass doors, plenty of light reaches the internal areas, drenching the rooms with warmth and sun.

Elegantly furnished, the residence also includes an indoor pool with a large, marble feature wall stretching from the pool itself to the ceiling and along with the isolated environment, blends elements of a mediterranean retreat with sophisticated aesthetics.

2. Casa Patio

4. Casa Patio

5. Casa Patio

6. Casa Patio

7. Casa Patio

8. Casa Patio

9. Casa Patio

10. Casa Patio

11. Casa Patio

12. Casa Patio


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