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Balint House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in Bétera (Valencia)

Spanish studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designed Balint House for a site beside a golf course in the municipality of Bétera (Valencia).

1. Balint House

Its curving walls and thick elliptical roof disguise a simple rectangular floor plan comprising a monochrome living space and six bedrooms, spread across three levels.

The facade is given a plastic-like shine with a solid surface cladding – a resin and stone dust composite typically employed on kitchen work surfaces.

2. Balint House

The architects hope the glossy walls and rounded form will deflect the eye, focusing views on the garden and golf course beyond the property and minimising the impact on the leafy site.

"A continuous facade that seems to lodge only one floor is set on the site," said the architects. "The aerodynamic visuals of it guide the eye towards the deepness of the neighbouring landscape."

3. Balint House

4. Balint House

Expansive glazing sits within deep cut-outs, leading out onto terraces on the upper and lower floors. From here, the sand bunkers of the golf range can be glimpsed through the wooden-trellis fencing that surrounds the property's perimeter.

5. Balint House

6. Balint House

A crescent-shaped swimming pool curves around the periphery of the house, framing the semi-circular outcrop of a stone patio. Underwater lighting gives the tiled pool a blue glow at night.

Monochrome materials and finishes were added throughout the living space, which features an atrium and more large windows.

Sections of black-tinted glass enclose a white staircase and a walkway that skirts the edges of the light well on the upper level.

7. Balint House

8. Balint House

9. Balint House

10. Balint House

11. Balint House

12. Balint House


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