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Fly House: a modular house by Espai Fly, in Palma de Mallorca

Spanish design firm Espai Fly tucked a modular bed and breakfast (complete with swimming pool) onto a 4.5m-wide rooftop lot: Fly House (Palma de Mallorca)

'Fly House' was created using three stacked secondhand containers, each only 12-sq-m, and constructed as cheaply and quickly as possible. The entire house is only 74-sq-m, and includes built-in solar panels, with an exterior garden and pool.

The interior features lime green walls and a spiral staircase, and most of the furniture was custom designed. The house is also designed to be mobile - should the owners wish to pick up and leave, the Fly House is small enough to go with them.

1. Fly House

2. Fly House

3. Fly House

4. Fly House

5. Fly House

6. Fly House

7. Fly House

8. Fly House

9. Fly House


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