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Restoration of a house by MORE Design & Architecture

Can Anita: Complete restoration of an existing house in Mallorca

1. Can Anita

From the architect: Can Anita was a typical 60's construction, with a lot of tiny rooms and almost neglecting its own potential and outstanding setting. Our work focused first in opening up large spaces, getting rid of auxiliary things, reinforcing the structure of the house and setting up a solid base of MEP ( Mechanical, electrics, plumbing and heating). Then we went into detail, and carefully designed every room, every door, every surface. We used a lot of reclaimed materials and hand picked with the owner objects such as an amazing copper bath. We were also commissioned to design furniture pieces with the help of our master carpenter Pedro Casanovas. (...).

2. Can Anita

3. Can Anita

4. Can Anita

5. Can Anita

6. Can Anita

Can Anita has a lot of Mallorca's construction tradition and knowledge, thanks to builder Jaime Salas, but if also fuses a contemporary approach to space,  an industrial touch and foreign influences such as the Tadelakt, a technique similar to stucco used in Morocco.

7. Can Anita

Can Anita 8

8. Can Anita

9. Can Anita

10. Can Anita

11. Can Anita

12. Can Anita

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