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Cool Blue Villa in Marbella designed by 123DV

1. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

From the architects. Smooth, hygienic materials with a cool, clean look and feel are combined with warm, organic materials, like wood and natural stone. For warmth, comfort and entertainment there's a large tailor made cooking island made out of solid Corian, a fireplace, a leather seat that can be transformed into a home cinema system. All technical devices can be operated by smartphones or tablets. Even the lights in the facade, that shine through vertical slits - adding a warm welcoming feeling to the atmospere surrounding the villa in the evening.


The initial dream of the owner was having a plot by the sea. The translation of the dream lead to a design concept of water. A block of water with glass walls - the corners are transparent: no steel construction is applied - is located in the heart of the villa. Next to this swimming pool a channel of water flows along the entire living area - downstairs, as well as upstairs. From the glass staircase you can catch a glimpse of the sea from different viewpoints. The use of stepping stones is repeated on the top floor, where a playful transition of inside/outside is created. On the roof you can experience maximum freedom: using the outside shower while gazing at the sea.

3. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

To guarantee a certain level of privacy for the owners, the street side facade looks rather aloof. After opening the door in the wall, the visitor would expect a continuation of the defensive atmosphere, but the effect of inversion is astonishing. From that moment on it surprises you everytime. After the first surprising element - the stepping stones in the water - you enter complete spatial openness. A transparent look is created by applying glass and long sight lines. The water and its reflection in different locations enhance this effect.

4. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

6. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

7. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

8. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

10. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

11. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

12. Villa in Marbella by 123DV

13. Villa in Marbella by 123DV



Photography: Carlos Caceres Lavergne, René van Dongen.

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