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A Home in Ourense, Galicia, by PLP Atelier

From the architect. The house is organized according to its vains and to the light it can get. The ‘livable’ rooms in which most activities are carried out are placed towards the exterior, while towards the inner courtyard we have placed the other rooms.

There is also second division between the public spaces and the private ones according to their uses.

Beginning in the hall we find two ways (although they might seem three if we don’t notice the trompe l’oeil made by means of the mirror and the loose stone), marked by the discontinuous benches that get curved along the path. A library serves to divide them while crossing the midsection entirely, turning permeable in two points: the hall itself and the room connecting the dinning room with the kitchen, drawing therefore two verges enclosed by books.

The main areas of the house are connected by means of different resources. The pavement is used as counterpoint of the furniture to link atmospheres separated by it and the other way around, creating discontinuities in previously linked volumes. This way we create a sort of game of associations between living room, dinning-room and kitchen -or even terrace- that will get dissolved as we go into de deepest and most private part of the house.

Spatial links vs material links to distinguish the different uses.

The choice of hydraulic tiles is based on its natural positive qualities as much as on its meaning for the owner. The design has been completely customized to get the desired result.

Movable made-to-measure furniture was necessary to fit special requirements and to improve the overall usefulness of the house, so it is really important to understand the whole project.



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