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Ca na Maria: a dreamy white house in Ibiza

Architects Laura Torres Roa and Alfonso Miguel Caballero have completed a countryside home punctured with irregular concrete-framed windows in rural Ibiza.

The duo wanted to create a building with an interior protected from the harsh Mediterranean sun but still intimately connected to the outside, allowing residents to enjoy the warm southern climate.

The result is a simple rectilinear volume with white load-bearing external walls – typical of the traditional local vernacular – but perforated with openings in a range of shapes and sizes.

The apertures are surrounded by deep concrete frames that offer shade from direct sunlight. They are painted blue inside, in reference to the window frames of the farm building that occupied the site previously.

The smallest windows appear random in their arrangement, but are intended to relate to the internal layout. In some places they frame specific views over the countryside, while in others they line up with an window opposite to allow for cross-ventilation.

The crisp white walls allow the full effect of the painted openings to be seen as they cast a blue glow into the rooms.



Photos: José Hevia

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