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A 25-square-metre apartment in Barcelona by Naimi Architecture

A piece of furniture that combines a bed, a wardrobe and a washing machine is among the space-saving solutions that Naimi Architecture has created inside this tiny Barcelona apartment.

The Barcelona- and Tel Aviv-based studio was tasked with making the 25-square-metre flat into a comfortable home for a single occupant. The solution involved sinking storage areas into the walls and creating "smart furniture".

The bed unit is the most complex of the additions. Serving as an informal space-divider for the three-metre-wide space, this single piece of furniture is a multi-tiered platform with a double bed at the top and storage areas slotted in underneath.

These storage areas include a cupboard for the washing machine, a deep wardrobe, 11 drawers, and bedside tables with integrated power sockets.

"The apartment was subdivided by one main piece of furniture," explained Yuda Naimi, founder of Naimi Architecture.


Via Dezeen

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