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Five apartments and five styles

There are thousands of styles for each apartment and you could get an original decoration with a few resources. These apartments have different designs so glamorous if you want to get ideas for your home ... Look at these five apartments that look like they're out of the magazine!

Classic and avant-garde

This loft located in El Clot, Barcelona has been the protagonist of decoration magazines, its avant-garde design and it has an explosion of shapes and colors.  Information and price >> 

Industrial style

This apartment has the modern nuances of the industrial style, with its high ceilings and the steel finishes, in addition it is combined with a classic elegance that makes it unique. Information and price >> 


The soft colors bring lightness and invite a relaxed atmosphere, this apartment in San Roque, Cadiz, has a romantic and cosy style that is always a success in any type of home. More photos and price >>

Vintage "Black"

This apartment is renovated and preserves the old floor and the original apartment ceilings. In addition, they have added modern touches in black that combines with the finishes in brick and marble structure. More photos and price >> 


The hygge style is characterized by its light tones and the use of decorative plants that bring color to the room, this apartment has a combination of modern furniture and soft colors that make it perfect. It is located in Marbella, Málaga. More photos and price >> 

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