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photo 1523575708161 ad0fc2a9b951 1024x683 - Tips to freshen up and refresh your house for the summer

With the arrival of good weather, you want to go to lighter clothes and say goodbye to winter clothes. The same goes for the house, the longest days arrive, the sun ... and your house needs to cool off and prepare for the summer. In this post, we explain how to create a cool and pleasant environment

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photo 1547110287 71448271b1de - Tips to dress the bed in summer

The good weather is already around the corner and it is time to adapt our bedroom to the nights of milder temperatures and that will soon give way to the hot summer nights. In this post, we bring you ideas, inspiration and tricks to decorate your bedroom with more refreshing air.

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ideas 2019 fiesta pinterest - Decorative ideas for the New Year's party

There are a few days left until this year comes to an end, so it is time to close cycles, to thank, to set new goals and change those things that concern us. If you are thinking of celebrating at home with the family, you have the party full of details that promote good vibes. Today we leave you some simple but beautiful ideas that will make this year end something completely unforgettable.

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00374091 ob  1349x2000 - Tips to decorate the table at Christmas

Christmas is coming and we all want to see the gifts, the tree and meet again with family and friends, but it is also very important how we are going to present our dishes and how we are going to decorate the Christmas table. If the decoration of the Christmas table is your pending issue, below we give you advice and guidelines to follow to know how to decorate the Christmas table 2018. ...continue reading "Tips to decorate the table at Christmas"

photo 1522708323590 d24dbb6b0267 - Decoration: Tips for furnishing your new home

When we buy a house we face the hard task of furnishing it, there are many questions that arise in these beginnings. Take note of the issues that you should consider and that can help you to get a perfect home. ...continue reading "Decoration: Tips for furnishing your new home"