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Tips for getting a vintage home

Are you looking for an original and nice style for your home? Today we are going to talk about the famous style "vintage", a combination of modern with older and retro.

Get this style is simple, you only have to recycle any old furniture and combine it with soft colors like blue, pink and beige. It's a lovely style and ... Cheaper!

  • The wood in the furniture is essential for this style, normally the effect that we want to get is a worn out wood.

  • You could get an antique furniture to give it more originality, like an old barbershop chair or anything that goes with your personality.

  • Combine this with modern elements and you too could get plants for contributing color and freshness to your home.

  • Another tip about a vintage style includes an abstract chair or combination of colors and forms of them, your home will be funny and lovely.

Share it if you like and tell us what do you want to do in the next post 🙂

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