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Cyber Monday: the Black Friday hangover reaches to real estate sector with discounts on housing

concepto de etiquetas de cyber monday 23 2147704608 e1511779220706 - Cyber Monday: the Black Friday hangover reaches to real estate sector with discounts on housing

During this weekend we have experienced the madness of the promotional pre-Christmas day, the Black Friday, which has offered thousands of discounts and promotions for encouraging sales in a month in which it was significantly reduced.

If you are one of those who hasn't been able to take advantage of these offers, don't worry, many companies extend their promotions during this week and today, Monday, the Cyber Monday campaign is launched, initially focused on electronics stores, although most of the companies go on with his promotions and discounts.

Lowered homes

The offers have reached the real estate market and many of the agencies have offered discounts and promotions on their products, as is the case of Haya Real Estate who offers about 11,000 homes with discounts of 40%. Also, there have been many real estate companies that have opted to reduce or eliminate writing expenses during the campaign period.

Casaktua has been offering sales for several years during the last week of November and this year has launched a campaign of 4,000 properties with a 75% discount, specifically, has made available flats, chalets, penthouses, studios and lofts at an average price of 68,000 euros. In addition, these properties, with an average discount of 20%, have an area of 113 square meters and three bedrooms on average. They have also offered a 30% discount on garages, commercial and storage rooms.

The areas where there are more promotions and discounts are:  Valencian Community has positioned itself as the most benefited with 3,900, followed by Andalusia with some 2,500 properties, Murcia, Catalonia, Castilla la Mancha and, finally, Madrid with a total of 780 properties with discounts.

Contract your cheapest mortgage

The Black Friday fever has also joined the banking sector with discounts for all its customers. Most of the Spanish banking entities have joined this campaign with personalized offers to encourage credit demand, even going down one percentage point in the interest rate of the loans, as is the case of the ING bank, for the day of Black Friday. Other banks such as BigBank have launched a 2.99% TIN during the campaign, increasing the granting of loans in a matter of one week; Cofidis, BBVA and Bankinter have also joined this promotion party, eliminating opening fees or removing interest on loans to finance Christmas purchases.


Here you have all the offers and promotions of real estate agencies:

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