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Original loft style of this penthouse flat in Barcelona

Who doesn't dreaming about a luxury penthouse in the heart of the city? Now, your dreams come true, we show you a penthouse flat in the large city Barcelona, a perfect home situated in a perfect place.

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This luxury residential apartment of 214sqm and 168sqm of a wooden terrace boasts awesome views of Barcelona skyline. The terrace has all the luxury elements which you ever dream about, a private swimming pool which is designed for flow and functionality, where you can enjoy the views while you are having a bath, sofas to relax and, if you want to sunbathe, it boasts with modern hammocks of exclusive design. We can access the house through a distributor.

The rest of the house is going the same luxury style, modern furniture like sofas and beds with leather finishes and the chairs with high-quality wood. The range of colors is based on the combination of grey and brown, like the kitchen, which has an elegant style with his kitchen furniture in grey and the walls and roof in white and beige.

It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, a little living room connects with the main suite and saves the style of the house. Every room has access to the terrace which around the home.


This penthouse is a modern jewel of the architecture and design. Let's check out more photos!

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