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The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

arctic winter wedding icehotel 1140x759 1024x682 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

If you are someone who enjoys the cold, the snow and the authentic winter landscape which predominates in these dates, you'll be interested to know which are the ideal hotels to enjoy it, from frozen suites to glass huts where you can contemplate the aurora in the coldest time of the year.

1. Arctic Snow Hotel

GL44 FINLAND SS ARCTIC SNOW HOTEL 2 1500x900 1024x614 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

The northern lights are capricious. They are difficult to see and when they appear, you have to be prepared, that's why hotels with glass igloos are so frequent in Finnish Lapland to enjoy them from your bed. One of them is the Arctic Snow Hotel, open from November to March and with warm transparent rooms for two and four people. Its secret is the roof, made of electric glass that maintains the interior heat and melts the falling snow so that it does not obstruct the view at any time. More information >>

2. Chena Hot Springs

Igloo Under The Aurora VW 1024x683 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

It's the most interesting ice hotel in the world. It's located in Alaska and has a snow museum that stays at minus 7 degrees even in summer. Perfect for the more adventurous. More information >> 

3. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

MAJOITUS Lasi iglut 1 1024x576 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

It is one of the most popular resorts in Finland. Their cottages, viewed from above, are organized in line, these capsules seem like another element of nature. In addition to the glass igloos, they have attractive apartments that combine this concept with the warm wooden house. More information >> 

4. Kirkenes Snow Hotel

37991723 1024x656 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

It is a hotel located in Norway made entirely of ice, up to 15 tons of ice are used to mould bar and rooms. In addition to their original architecture, they also organize typical activities of the environment, such as fishing for red crab (King Crab Safari). More information >> 

5. Sonrrisniva Igloo Hotel

34448 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

This hotel is located in Norway, about 20 kilometres from the city. The arctic location is ideal to admire northern lights, take a snowmobile safari or snuggle among reindeer skins inside igloos that are kept between -4 and -7 degrees. More information >> 

6. Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle

ha bldg lasiiglutrevontulet 1024x490 - The best ice hotels for true winter lovers

The well-known Town of Santa Claus has several hotels. This, in the heart of the Arctic Circle, has 29 luxury glass igloos open all year round. The idea is for the traveller to enjoy the landscape of Lapland and see it change station to station: from the winter aurora borealis to the summer midnight sun. These cabins offer all kinds of amenities and breakfast is served in the room. More information >> 

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