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Mini-bedrooms with a lot of style and functionality

Do you have small space in your bedroom? That's no problem! You could have a great style with simple elements and, besides, give amplitude and brightness to your bedroom with a few simple tips. With these mini-bedrooms you'll get all the necessary ideas to let your imagination fly and get down to work with yours.

A touch of colour

The colour of your bedroom is the most personal contribution, for that reason you have to choose the perfect combination of colours to give it personality, with cushions, pictures or quilt you can get the style that goes with you and are elements that do not need any space.

White is the best ally to give luminosity

When we find a room with small windows that prevents light from passing through, and it is also not very spacious, the best option is to opt for the white colour, which softens any decoration and combines with all the elements, as well as providing a large space for look bigger.

The bedside is the most important element

An element that can be included when you have little space is the headboard, it brings a lot of style and occupies a very small part of the room, the trick is to combine it with the rest of the decoration and adapt it to your bed.

A nice blanket brings a lot of style

A decorative element that takes up little space and is the easiest to find is a blanket if you see that your bedroom does not have that personal touch that defines you, add a stylish blanket and also be part of the decoration ... It will serve to warm up in winter!

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